PJ has dreamed of performing internationally as well astouring for a national artist. 2023 has proven to be the year of dreams coming true as he is currently touring with two-time Grammy Award winning R&B vocalist Peabo Bryson whose first stop is the 2023 Soul Train Cruise. Prior to this, PJ was showcasing his talents at the Bahrain Jazz Festival with Jeff Bradshaw. When he’s not touring or producing beautifully-crafted music, he provides the backbeat for a host of highly acclaimed artists from jazz guitarist Eric Essix to, most recently, the dynamic, chart-topping jazz flutist Kim Scott.


Listeners clamoring for more of Spraggins pushed “Nocturnal Drive,” from his 2006 album “Light of Day” to more than 8 million streams across all platforms followed by “Pure Logic” (2012) album with over three-million streams on YouTube. Many followers and subscribers, unaware of his nearly two-decades of musical contributions, think his timeless pieces are new, however, they soon discover he has a history of producing sounds that both encourage and inspire listeners of all demographics. An independent artist who finds new ways to connect his music to an ever-expanding audience, PJ also merges it on social media with his very own scenic drone footage. 


Coupled with his albums, tours and various projects, PJ has written with startling candor about inspiration, faith and healing, which is without a doubt a compliment to “Stick It Out” as it exemplifies his determination to overcome personal challenges. “I want to send a positive message to everyone that’s going to listen to it. I’ve gained so much confidence from writing this album and that’s what I want people to take away.”


Now, poised for bigger and better opportunities ahead, James “PJ” Spraggins’ tireless energy, positivity and drive permeates this work with an enduring, immersive quality that refuses to give in or settle for anything less than to ‘Stick It Out.